Sunday, December 11, 2011

WPBT Trip Report 2011

I'm am nearly 100% certain no one reads this drivel anymore. But, since I never wrote for you anyway, I might as well get some thoughts down before they fade to eternity.

This WPBT had all the makings of being outright terrible. By now, you all know about my divorce with the amazing and increasingly poorly named "The Wife." It was supposed to be really awkward that we were there together, especially since only a handful of people knew. There were other negatives, too. Apparently I committed to two dinners on Friday night (or was it Saturday?). Since I would have had to pay anyway if I didn't show at the Raku dinner, I chose that one. Getting my ass chewed by CK the next day was not my favorite thing. I missed some great company at Jaleo. A down-in-the-dumps Kat was also a big negative. I want everyone to have fun at WPBT. No one should feel blue, not if I can help it. I never hooked up with any incredibly sexy polyglot lawyers, dammit. And then there was Brad. What horrible news to receive right before the trip, and with his goal of running the Rock & Roll 1/2 marathon so close.

But if you know me, you know my philosophy - it all works out. Must have got that from Bammer.

Let's take it from the top. Interacting together and separately with The Wife was terrific. There was no expectation other than an friendly kiss on the cheek and we were able to enjoy being in each others company as well as being separate. I didn't even mind fixing her back right there on the casino floor. Although, that hot chick who said, "NEXT!" should have stuck around longer.

The dinner at Raku will live in memory forevery. Seriously, 15 courses?! It was an orgy of food, complimented by excellent company. And CK actually seemed to forgive me (eventually).

It took some doing, but I think I helped Kat find her smile again. And when she smiles, wow.

And Brad. What can I say? You found your smile, too. And amidst such tragedy. The fact that I played some small part in that did wonders for my soul. I am so fortunate to call this group friends.

There were other highlights, too. They each deserve their own blog post, but since I only blog once or twice a year, this is what you get:

"Hey, that looks like Jose Canseco."
"That's because it IS Jose Canseco."
"Sorry sir, this table is only for those in the 40/40 club."
"Well, then you're all gonna have to leave."

I ran the 1/2 marathon with a bunch of guys that have become such good friends - Blood, G-Rob, Brad and Dan. The fact that I came in last of our group (7 damn seconds, AYFKM?), didn't really bother me. Thanks so much to those who stuck it out to the end to see my sorry ass trot down the finish. Walking back to Aria in the rain was no fun, but it may be the only reason I'm still walking.

I sucked in the tournament, as usual. It was cool to see The-No-Longer-Wife cash. She's got skills. I also played in a cash game with the boys that is already legendary. There were the usual suspects as well as Drizz, Iggy and Dr. Pauly as well as Marty and the poker room manager with the straining blouse.

And now, it's time to go for another jog. I usually let down (or outright stop training) after an event like this, but my boys are keeping me motivated. Let's hope it sticks.


The Wife said...

Starting to think "The No Longer Wife" might be good enough.

Nice post, my wasband.

Shelly said...

Great to see ya and congrats on the race!! You'd better keep training, or I'll catch up to you! My next goal is to break a 30 minute 5K, ya know....

OhCaptain said...

Great seeing you again! It was fun cheering you on. I've started running again too, hoping to join you guys. Any help keeping the L3-4 from flaring up again would be greatly appreciated :)

Next time, we need to share a bit more scotch...

DrChako said...

Wasband - I like it!

Shelly - so proud of you. I'd be thrilled if you kicked my ass on the next race

Cap'n - awesome seeing you and thanks for hanging to the end to see me. One truism about back pain - it all gets better with exercise (provided there isn't serious nerve damage). Gentle stretching is key. Calorie burning will do the rest.


Astin said...

Was great to suffer through 15 (16? 1000?) courses of Japanese food with you. Next year we should ask for the big meal. :)

SirFWALGMan said...

Congratz or sorry on the divorce whatever way you want.

You guys are both super cool.

It is kind of nice to see my total lack of any kind of faith in humanity reaffirmed though.

Glad you had fun in Vegas!!! See you next year hopefully.

BWoP said...

Yeah, I guess you can be forgiven . . . :-P

KenP said...

The only word I can come up with is stunned. I need to watch left field better.

TenMile said...

For a 100% certainty. . .

I'm reminded of the old retiree: "There's a lot to be said for long seperate deployments."

Good living, Doc. Have a care.

whiskeytown said...

u ought to see how few visitors I get Doc - someday you will be in Minneapolis and we will play low limit again and wait for the whale to vomit chips upon us -