Monday, November 21, 2005

Blogger NL Action with Wil F***IN’ Wheaton

21 NOV 05

So, I didn’t think to copy the chat portion of the conversation where Wil Wheaton and I had a “geek-off” (BTW- I’m a HUGE geek, but I think he may have me. He did write a book called “Just a Geek,” after all). I mentioned that I sited Bones McCoy in my application to medical school, and it was met with stunned silence. Perhaps no one believed. Well, technically it’s not true, but I did talk about McCoy in my interviews. It helps that most doctors are huge Star Trek fans…

I intended to just post the portions of the conversations that involved me, but there was some pretty funny exchanges between another of my blogger heroes (Dr. Pauly) and Wil:

DrPauly: i got the hammer wil
Wil Wheaton: sigh
Wil Wheaton: dammit
Wil Wheaton: you should call
Wil Wheaton: so you can show
Wil Wheaton: for serious
Dealer: DrPauly, it's your turn. You have 15 seconds to act
BStouts [observer]: call him
Wil Wheaton: wuss
Dealer: Wil Wheaton has two pair, Kings and Queens
Dealer: DrPauly has a pair of Sevens
Dealer: Game #3101315314: Wil Wheaton wins pot ($8) with two pair, Kings and Queens
Wil Wheaton: DING
DrPauly: asscock
Wil Wheaton: hahahaha

And this gem:

Wil Wheaton: eight no goot?
DrPauly: i got 7-3 wil
DrPauly: but do i have hearts
Wil Wheaton: really?
Dealer: Wil Wheaton, it's your turn. You have 15 seconds to act
Wil Wheaton: i have a pair
Dealer: Player Wil Wheaton has requested TIME
Wil Wheaton: it's not a good pair
DrPauly: raise me
Wil Wheaton: i think i'll just call
DrPauly: i'll show
Wil Wheaton: heeeeeehaaaaaawwwwww
Dealer: DrPauly has a straight, Four to Eight
Dealer: Wil Wheaton has a pair of Eights
Dealer: Game #3101363457: DrPauly wins pot ($0.99) with a straight, Four to Eight
Wil Wheaton: nice - hahahaha

It’s always a good idea to insult your gracious host:

Wil Wheaton: now i think i win because i chased it all the way and got there
Dealer: Game #3101378370: Wil Wheaton wins pot ($1.39)
Wil Wheaton: i told you i chased it like a donkey
Wil Wheaton: i felt it
Wil Wheaton: i was going all the way
DrChako: you win back the donkey title
Wil Wheaton: YES!
Wil Wheaton: Heeeeeee Haaaawwwww (shows just how gracious)

This one did involve me:

DrChako: okay - my last hand – it’s my wife's birthday (which was quite true – happy birthday, honey!)
DrChako: take it easy on me
Wil Wheaton: everyone call so chako can have fun on his last hand
Wil Wheaton: wheeee
DrChako: i got a piece
Wil Wheaton: you should totally win, because it's your last hand
Wil Wheaton: i just flipped the switch for you
DrChako: this is my pot
DrChako: are any of you listening?
Wil Wheaton: ding!
DrChako: darn
Dealer: Game #3101545295: PhoebusX wins pot ($1.27)
Wil Wheaton: that wasn't very nice, phoebus
PhoebusX: hehe, sorry
Wil Wheaton: see ya dr.chako :)
Tactix: happy b-day to the wife!
DrChako: thanks - she's sweating me, so you told her yourself
Wil Wheaton: happy birthday!

I won about $2.50, but more importantly had more fun playing poker then I can remember. Thanks again to all involved. I hope to see some or all of you in Vegas.

Final thought: I wonder if the birthday greeting from Wil meant more than the birthstone ring I got her…


yestbay said...

Classic stuff! This kind of stuff is why I have enjoyed the WWdN tourneys I have been in.

Drizztdj said...

The side games are a blast, and definitely a stress reliever.

efe said...
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