Wednesday, February 01, 2006


1 FEB 06

This is not poker related, but I have to get it off my chest. I just had this conversation with my chief:

Chief: Dr. Chako, did you know that one of your soldiers is having an affair?

Me: No! It’s a good thing I’m relieving her for other reasons, eh?

Chief: Well, you’ll still probably get a letter of reprimand for allowing it to happen.

Me: Wha???

In other news, I’ve started to swing back to the “I’m getting out of the Army as soon as I can” philosophy. I wonder why?


Drizztdj said...

Sexual desires cause negative job reviews???? And not even your own???

I think the Army needs to update its Blue laws from the 40s A.S.A.P.

DrChako said...

There are a whole lot of Army laws that need updating. In this case, she needed to get relieved, but why the hell should I have to suffer, dammit? I'm her supervisor, but I'm not in her direct chain-of-command.

Falstaff said...

Feed her to the critter in the post below. Problem solved.

presidentdavelee said...

When is your time up with the Army? I am due to get out of the Navy in August, so I know the feeling when y ou are ready to take your walking papers. Best of luck in resolving your situation.

DrChako said...

I've been in the Army for over 19 years, but I can't get out until at least 2008. There are some other interesting facts if you click on the "101 Things About Dr. Chako" link on the right.