Friday, December 01, 2006

Internet Poker Forum

1 DEC 06

The following is a paid review!

You gotta love a Must Read from someone named Dorkus Malorkus. He gives "A brief guide to Cardschat forum events" on the freeroll page of CardsChat AKA the Internet Poker Forum. In a set up much like other forums (2+2, RGP), CardsChat is another place for poker players to discuss hands, philosophies and bad beats. They have posts like:

PokerStars is going Huge!

and a Private Forum called

Top Secret Forum for Loyal Cardschaters

My problems:

- I can’t load the site from work.
- The site loads slowly
- Much of the information comes from overseas players who aren’t restricted. Thanks for rubbing it in guys.

There is the usual stuff like, “Verbal abuse is everywhere online,” from JimboJim, with followups like this from Sammyv1, “Sticker, [abuse] is out of hand. I had someone verbally abuse me just last night. I went back at him a little bit, but not with too much aggression. He was using the old "Your mamma" insults and the "sexual preference" insults. The play I made that he was angry about was: I called a re-raise with 9-9 on the button. Well, I hit a 9 on the flop and he had AA. Yes, he got bad beated and maybe my "call" was a little weak, but the whole table was Super-Agressive. So, yes he has a gripe cause he lost with AA, but we all do (many times in fact).

Bottom line, I’m not certain the site adds any value to me personally, but it seems quite popular. There were over 30,000 posts in the Poker General Forum, so they must be doing something right.

I’d certainly recommend checking them out. What you do after that is up to you.

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