Monday, October 13, 2008

Help Me Get the Perfect Gift!

The Wife is set for the mother of all birthdays - the Big 4-0. My 40th was a big hairy deal to me (yet I still don't have a Ferrari - what gives?), but she seems to be taking this in stride. Still, I'd like to celebrate this momentous occasion in style, but I'm totally out of ideas. Yes, I know she reads this blog, and yes, I know it may spoil the surprise, but I'm really stuck.

I thought about flying CK out here for entertainment, but then I realized that's what I want for MY birthday.

Your thoughts?


BamBam said...

Yeah well...........

IF it were me, I think I'd have to go with, "the day!"

Now, "the day" will be a crapload of work! But you have to know that she's worth it! (and I know you do!)

She'll need to make NO descions, unless she's so inclined at the moment.

I think in your case, "the day" should include an'orgy' of shopping, food, spirits, perhaps a spa and most importantly, laughs! Lot's and LOT'S of laughs!!!!

I think you'll need to be that take charge husband though, getting 'The Wife' to the point of the BIG 'O' of happiness.

Either that..... or there's always a bathrobe!


I say spoil her! Give her, "the day" of her life. Until the next one that is!

BWoP said...

You can accomplish all of the aforementioned things (shopping, food, spirits, perhaps a spa and most importantly, laughs) in Vegas.

I'm just sayin' . . .

Bayne_S said...

Ship the kids off

Dip your self in Chocolate like the dude in the Axe commercial or fly CK in and have her dipped in chocolate.

Let the wife have all she can eat baby.