Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Waffles Challenge

In the comments section of my pathetic post yesterday, it seems Waffles has laid down a challenge:

"If you need some Waffles bad luck bet to help you I am always up for a little side bet about you busting out or reaching a hundred in a certain time frame."

I accept. I will turn my measly $3.16 into $100 within one month. The clock stops at midnight on November 30th, 2008. I will not re-buy. You all can watch me as I go.

Anyone care to lay odds?

Edit: In the interest of disclosure, after making that post, I won just a little playing Razz (my secret weapon). I then played two SNGs - a 9 person and an 18 person. Both were $2 + $0.25. I lost the 18 but took second in the 9 for a profit (after deducting for the buy-ins) of $1.10. I'm on my way. W00t!


SirFWALGMan said...

Woo hoo! What amount you want to go for? Either write me a comment or girlie chat me SirFWALGMan on Yahoo!

Unknown said...

What if I donate $100, does that count as a lost for Waffles?

Good luck.

BamBam said...

Good luck noble brother!

Realistic odds should be set around 50/1, as you would clearly deserve the spoils of victory here. But since you have this bee in your Dress Cap and epaulettes, I wouldn't discount setting it at 20/1.

May I suggest setting up a seperate bankroll "budget" for some fun stuff?

A man needs to play at his passion too! All work and no play, well you get it.

Waffles was right again by the way! WTF is with your verifications today?

imabutman ? Too funny!

MHG said...

I'll take Waffle's side if you keep playing SNG's with 30%-50% of your bankroll!

Unknown said...

A waffles bet.


Anonymous said...

I will pretend I played today and lost $25 bucks to you good Dr. Don't lose it all in one game.

Sorry I missed the game last weekend. Try to give more than 8 hours noitce next time...Seattlejohn(sj_tilt)

RaisingCayne said...

I wouldn't lay odds bigger than 5:1 for success, even with the understanding that the Doc is wholly unaware of how to stay within a petty bankroll, and has a penchant for playing above appropriate levels... (And is a bit of a donkey. ... And smells funny. ... And,... KIDDING!)

It's just $100, and it's over a whole freaking month! Shouldn't be considered all that outlandish of an objective, imo. (Although, I do think the task would be much easier at PStars though, with the smaller $0.01/$0.02 NL cash tables available there, and petty SnG options too.)

Good luck Doc! (Whenever you decide to give up and throw in the towel, let me know... I'll ship you funds, we lie to Waffles, and split the prop bet proceeds.)

The NL Wife said...

You know, the recurring theme that I keep harping on . . . WTF are you playing with such a LARGE percentage of the bankroll for?

Cayne and MHG have it right . . . you get too excited and risk TOOO much of your bankroll.

Verification this morning is hewero. Oops, messed up. Now its licia. Weird.

SirFWALGMan said...

Man I was all set for the prop bet too.. I would have motivated you a ton to stay within your limit and not lose the bet.. like maybe we could be fifty bucks on my side vs a kiss from the Wife! ehehehehehhhe! I bet that would motivate HER to make SURE you won. haha. Anyway good luck running the bankroll up Doc.

Seriously it is hard to keep motivated playing at stakes that you make in less than a second of work a day. At least for me it is.