Saturday, April 28, 2012

When we left off..

We were just discussing a great poker game and peeing Marines. A few things have happened since then that may have been blog-worthy, but I got it out of my system with Facebook and Twitter. As such, this medium is neglected and probably needs to die. That said, I have an occasional need for a more creative outlet in long form.

Today I drove out and back to Yosemite. Living in California certainly has it's upside and this is one of them. I highly recommend the pics I put on Facebook. They sum it up far better than anything I could write here. I was being pulled in several different directions this weekend, but a day away from my smart phone, facebook, twitter, WWF and mostly IMs was just what I needed. My kids think I'm cool. That's all I need.

That said, since this is a poker blog, I need advice. I've been threatening to play the WSOP for years, but this is the year I'm going. I will certainly play the Razz event. Should I also try the LHE event a few days before? Is the LHE event starting the day after out of the question? Since I've never played any WSOP event, multi-tabling is probably not in my best interest.