Saturday, March 26, 2011

Forced Blogging

As I start this post, I have no idea where it's going. I usually have a plan well in advance, but since I got called out by my brudder Bam Bam for not blogging, I figured I'd better put something out quick. You rush a miracle man, you get bad miracles, or so someone once said. Here goes...

Poker: I've been playing quite a bit. There's a little card room where I work that has tournaments as well as 4/8 LHE and the occasional NL. I've only played the tourny once, but it's pretty soft. Buy-in was $20 with a $10 re-buy. First place is around $800, but they always chop at some point on the final table. The 4/8 game is terrible. 6 or 7 see every flop - basically gambling. I play the game while hoping for the NL to start and it's a bad move so far. Despite playing tight, I get suckered into playing big hands with no draw. There's no way to control the pot size, and I get sucked out on a lot by some dude playing TRC. The NL game; however, can be used to build your bankroll. There is at least one other road warrior in that game who I also see playing at Bay 101. It's possible he's like me and works in the Central Valley and lives in the Peninsula, but I doubt it. I think he comes out there because the game is just that good.

Work: Many of you know that I'm the process of buying my medical practice. Well, things are on hold for now. It's a complex story that I may bore you about over a drink or two, but for now let's just say the deal is on ice. I am remaining there at my base salary, but they are throwing in an unspecified bonus to keep me around until such time as we can make a deal. It's a good job with great people, so stick around I shall. I still wish it was closer to home. Know what I'm talking about Bammer? Speaking of home...

Home: Things here are... good. The Wife is preparing our taxes and it's clearly stressing her out. We fought terribly last year at this time and I'm afraid another brouhaha is in the works. In fact, I think we would have had it out already, but she's been sick. Like, crazy sick. She's about 92.07% better now. I'd like to think it's at least in part because I've been caring for her by treating her with manipulation and medicines (I AM a doctor of osteopathic medicine after all), but it mostly just had to run it's course. (As an aside, my whole family has been sick - all but me. I got the flu shot this year as I always do. Coincidence?) I love her fiercely, so don't worry about us. I figured our lives were too good, so I decided to add a little stress. Besides, making up can be fun.

We have great friends both near and far, although some of our near friends are going far and some of our far friends don't come around often enough. Last night we had a great dinner with our Seattle friends Jim and Jane and their two kids. A family dinner at PF Changs was highlighted by great conversation and saké. The evening went by too fast. Our friend April is doing her best Florence Nightingale impression and is headed back to Maine to care for her injured Grandma. IMHO, there is no greater gift you can give than caring for a sick or injured relative. It's not all sunshine and roses, but it does wonders for the soul nonetheless. And speaking of friends, if you follow me on Twitter (as most of you do), you've been hearing about #mudrun. I'm so jazzed about this it will get it's own post.

So there you go, brudder. I hope that gives you a small distraction while you're in the hinterlands. Of course, it'd be easier to tell you this in person over a scotch or two. We're a lot closer now, ya know...

One last quote, apropos of nothing:
Today I bent the truth to be kind, and I have no regret, for I am far surer of what is kind than I am of what is true. ~ Robert Brault

Wednesday, March 02, 2011


I'm going to conclude this post with some actual poker content, but first I must bore you with fitness stuff.

My New Year's resolution is still on track. As of February 28th, I completed just over 61 miles of running. That's just ahead of my 1-mile-a-day vow. I'm fairly sure I'm ahead of Grange, but since he's suffering through an Iowa winter, I'm also certain these are my "leap ahead" months. When it starts warming up out there, he'll probably catch up. I'm still confident I can win the bet, though. By the next #wpbt, I will have run at least 300 miles. I doubt he'll have completed 600, so victory is almost assured.



Okay - the promised poker content. I'm still on my winning streak, and loving it. I'm making good reads and for once variance is mostly adhering to statistics. Mostly.

It's 2/5 NL. I buy in for $200. I run it up to $1400 and I'm about to leave. A young hoodie-wearing player is the only guy at the table who has given me trouble. He seems to understand bet sizes and strategy, and we've mostly avoided each other. The standard raise at this table has been to $20 or $25. He opens in early position for $40. It's highly unusual and I put him squarely on Jacks or 10s. I look down at two black Kings and decide to smooth call. He has about $350 behind.

The flop is Qh-8h-6h. He bets $40 into the $87 pot. I raise to $125. He goes all-in for $310 more.

What do you do?