Sunday, October 25, 2009

Level 3 Thinking

Here's another interesting hand from my 3/5 NL game tonight.

It's my last hand of the night. I'm comfortably up (a nice change). UTG, I limp with A-3 off-suit. 5 callers is typical for this game and it doesn't disappoint. BB checks and we see a flop:


Sweet. I check my trips. It checks all the way around to the BB who bets $20. I call. Everyone else folds.

Turn: Qh

First off, let me tell you about BB. He's a better than average player. I watched him extract maximum value on a previous hand against another decent player. He's tight and aggressive. (Edit: He checks here) I bet $30 into this pot of $70. BB now check-raises to $90. We each have about $600 behind. What do you do? Before you answer, what do you put him on?

I elect to call. Before you call me out, I know this is a bad move. At this point, it's push or fold.

River: 6s

Now the board is paired and there is a spade flush out there. I check.

BB now bets $250. What do you do?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Batshit Crazy

Poker content: I played last night. Lost $20. Watched a drunk suckout-artist run up $1000. At 4/8 LHE. I need another break. What the hell am I doing playing 4/8 LHE anyway?!

Life content: This morning on my way to breakfast, I encountered one of the IT techs in the hallway. He's normally a little quirky, but today was different. Today he was talking to people that weren't there. He kept asking, "Why is it so quiet?" It would get louder. Then he'd twitch. At one point he recognized me and smiled sheepishly. Then he started singing. I had a feeling the singing was a feeble attempt at trying to mask the fact that he was acting crazy. See, I wasn't talking to myself. I was just singing this song. Not crazy at all. Move along. Here's the weird thing - I've done that.

I bet you've done that, too.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Define the Problem

(Editors Note: This is how I decide to spend my 700th post?)

Actual conversation I had with The Wife this morning:

Dr. Chako: Ahh! I threw out my back in the middle of the night!

The Wife: You should try my stretching exercise where I lay on the ground and lift weights.

Dr. Chako: That won't work! I need a small Asian woman to walk on my back.

The Wife: Well, we don't happen to have any small Asian women just walking around the house.

Dr. Chako: And that's been the problem with our marriage from the beginning, if you ask me.

The Wife: ...

So yes, I get to spend my son's 7th birthday and the day of my 700th post limping around like and old man and gasping in pain whenever I look down. This does not bode well for golf. Or my ability to attract small Asian women for that matter.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Tip of the Day

I heard this tip the other day and it's brilliant in its simplicity. I fly all the time between Seattle and Palo Alto and I always park at the Thrifty lot, but I can never remember the space number. Now all I do is snap a photo with my handy phone camera. Problem solved.
You're welcome.