Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ultraloose Play

15 MAY 07

First off, my trip to New Jersey was excellent. Montclair and West Orange have a… feeling – you know what I mean? While it doesn’t hold an appeal to me, I can certainly see why people are drawn there and call it home. I guess being from a similar town in upstate NY gives me that perspective.

I got to see my favorite cousin Jarel (see image), but it was only briefly. He’s starring in a play called The Nerd (about my life?) in Binghamton, NY and had to leave right after the Bat Mitzvah to get back to the theater. I cannot imagine the life of a working actor. It’s awesome that he’s pursuing his dream. Too bad I didn’t get to ask him if he’s experiencing a similar mid-life crisis. He turns 40 in October.

There is nothing like family to make you feel special. Everyone knew about my upcoming deployment to Iraq and were full of praises for my military service and genuine concern for me and my family.

Anyway, enough about me. You came here for the awesome poker content.

You are at an extremely loose 10/20 LHE table. There are two very aggressive players at opposite ends of the table and a bunch of pissed off players in the middle hell bent on busting those assholes. There have been at least four 6-way capped pots preflop and you just got here. Unfortunately, you got caught up in it when your set lost to a runner-runner rivered straight from a guy holding 3s-5d, and now you are nursing a dwindling bankroll.

You look down at As-Kd under the gun. Knowing it’s gonna be ugly, what is your play here? Do you limp knowing someone else will raise? Do you just raise anyway?

Does anyone fold here?


Kerri Miller said...

limp-reraise? raising into aggro players tips your strength, and you want to trap them (and the people gunning for them). Fit or fold, give up if you don't improve on the turn, wait for a better spot?

Kerri Miller said...

Out of curiosity, where was this hand?

Unknown said...

Conceal it if you expect more then 4 callers, raise otherwise.

DrChako said...

It's somewhat of a trick question. I believe all choices are correct, although I favor straightforward play (i.e. raise and reraise preflop and, if you catch, on the flop, knowing that all draws are correctly priced in. Remember that you may be the only one that knows this).

What I wanted to see is, does anyone change their style because of the smaller stack and recent badbeat? The answer should be a resounding, NO! Playing meek is a recipe for pissing away more money.


PS. The hand was last night at the Muckleshoot in Auburn, WA.

Anonymous said...

You're seeing the flop. This type of game, this is about the only o/s hand I'm seeing the flop with.

Smaller stack try and get money in fast. Don't change your style because of a bad beat.


Anonymous said...

THAT was awesome, cuz. Thanks for the plug! It was great to see you and the family! Wish it could have been longer, but made it back up for the show on time. Saturday night was sold out and we had a great show. The local reviewer was there. I'll let youy know when it comes out.

I heard I missed a damn good party. Oh, well.

Sooo, mid-life crisis, huh? I guess I'm having one, but doing this show has really reminded me why I'm in this. I am happy when I'm working and I feel like i'm doing what I;m supposed to, y'know?
What are you going through? Typical forty crap? Gimme a call
sometime...we'll talk!

And by the way, I couldn't be prouder of you. YOU are living your dream as well! You became a doctor just by sheer force of will and I've really always admired you for that! Call me ya old fogie!!

jarel "looking for the nuts" davidow

Unknown said...

The question is do you change your play because of the previous hand or stay consistant with your hands and positions that you play.

If your system works, don't screw with it. Raise it on up. Limp-Reraise is nothing but pricing morons into busting you again with 8 3 os.

Good Luck and best of luck my friend. You heading to the place I'll be at in 7 days yet?

Safe hunting, both fish and otherwise

StB said...

I am with Drizz. They are going to raise it up for you. Hide your strength and let the flop dictate how you play. Only when they stop the aggression, do you raise.

Kerri Miller said...

*shrug* yeah, its pretty much "hard to go wrong" here. Make a big pot, hang on tight.

PS. The hand was last night at the Muckleshoot in Auburn, WA.

oh crap, I may have been at that table! :lol:

DrChako said...

If so:

a. I hope you weren't one of the assholes.


b. I hope you weren't offended.


c. If you were offended, you probably deserved it. LOL