Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Blogger/Facebook/Twitter Conundrum

I am certainly not the first blogger to struggle with this. Heck, I'm probably not the first one today using this exact title for a post.

As the blogfather noted, Twitter (and Facebook, at least for me), are killing my blog. It used to be that when something interesting happened, I'd think, "This would make a good blog post." Now I think, "Where should this go?"

Like this weekend for instance. This was one of the best weekends in quite a while. The Wife is home back in Seattle, so we partied with a fellow poker player and then went to Snoqualmie Falls. Well, we played Rockband instead of poker and, while the falls were amazing, they don't quite fit here on the blog, especially since it was mostly photos, not story.

Oh well, at least here I can post some cool links.


Unknown said...

I know the feeling. I'm thinking of blogging again, just needed a break for business reasons.

F-Train said...

Twitter is for "fire and forget", little quips or activities. Blogger is for sitting down and really crafting. So when you're interested in really thinking and crafting, use Blogger. And you don't even have to "save" things; you can craft out of things that originally appeared on Twitter.

TripJax said...

I use Posterous. You simply do everything from email and it can post to 1, both or all of your social networking sites...including your blog.

The subject line is your Twitter, Facebook or Blog title/status. The body of the email is the body of your blogpost. For Twitter and Facebook, the body of an email is represented by a link that your readers can click on to get more. Check it out. It might be the answer to your problems. It's what I use. If you have questions, just let me email is on my site.

Dr. Alex said...

I agree with Twitter being a say "it and forget it" medium. Facebook, I mainly use for photos and to respond and advertise with events I'm attending. Blogger on the other hand is GREAT for telling others of personal accomplishments and for spurring dialog with others.

Medicine Man of Norwood: My Personal Time Capsule For the personal accomplishments.

Across the River: Long time no see For the running dialog.