Monday, September 21, 2009

More Ferrari

I could care less if my Ferrari fetish bores you. It never gets old for me.

The Bay Area seems to be a mecca for Ferraris. I would see one occasionally in the Seattle area, but not often. Here I see them on a daily basis. This color combination (Grigio Silverstone with Cuoio interior) is the absolute best of the 430 IMHO. In the 360, I still prefer Rosso Corsa (Red) with the tan interior.


JK said...

I miss Palo Alto.

Riggstad said...

Being bored by a ferrari fetish would be like being bored by a boob fetish.


Ship the Ferrari. All day long. and I believe I told you before...

your perfect Ferrari (which means mine) is a '91 Testarosa Cab. red/ tan interior.

DrChako said...

I liked the Testarossa when it was on Miami vice, but the ass is too wide and flat. I prefer my asses wide and round. Besides, maintenance on them is hell.

I still think the 360 is the most beautiful car ever made. The 458 Italia may change that.


KenP said...

Sorry gentlemen. You are wrong again.

The loveliest cars happen in the mid 50's. They were the the Crown Vic and the Impala.

Of course their both coming in the immediate period before I could get a driver's license may have something to do with that.

With your nose pressed up against the showroom window, you reminded me of my childhood. I imagine you have a similar effect on The Wife.

Bayne_S said...

Santana Row always has a Ferrari parked on it, and your wife can find many places to shop for shoes there.

The Sister said...

You mentioned 4 different colors in this post. The only one I would have been able to guess out of context was "tan". Whatever happened to mauve and taupe???