Friday, December 18, 2009

WPBT 09 - Trip Report - FINALE

Alas, WPBT memories are fading fast. I'm sure some of that is from the alcohol, but it's also due to the time. I'm mostly left with the pleasant afterglow you get from a really good romp. Still, there are some additional thoughts I'd like to get out here for posterity.
I failed to mention a couple people in my first post. Let me correct that here. I had a fantastic conversation or two with Katkin, both before and after he was snogging with The Wife. If she's got a thing for Spielberg lookalikes, who am I to get in her way? I also chatted a bunch with my fellow doctor in crime, Dr. Pauly, who really tries to make time to not just talk with everyone, but have real substantive conversations. There just isn't enough time, but bless him for trying. Iggy is the same way and I always enjoy talking to the little guy (even after finding out that The Wife really wants to pet his hair).
As many of you know, The Wife is a bit of a hedonist. It's not a sexual thing (mostly), she just loves touching and petting (yes, kissing too). I'm not the jealous type (mostly), but from all her interactions, one of my favorite was watching her cuddle on the couch with an equally hedonistic CK. They didn't mind the attention. Frankly, I don't think they cared who watched. Let me say this - I know I wasn't the only one taking a mental snapshot of the two of them for later "use."
There were so many other things:

-I deperately wanted a seat at the famous Table 16, but I was only able to snap a picture of the devil (AKA The Mark).

-Walking into Lagasse's and seeing Yestbay chowing on a massive pizza. I was going to ask for a piece, but after repeatedly pounding on him in the tournament it didn't seem right.*
-Watching Galaga competition from the sidelines. That's my game!
-Being summarily dismissed from an intimate conversation between The Wife and Kat.
-Massively overtipping the Geisha bartenders, for zero extra service.
-Forgetting my pants.
-Running back through the Bellagio because The Wife forgot everything in the safe (on our way to the airport no less!)
-Rehashing college memories with my buddy Colin (best line of the day was from Colin. "You got more pussy with that guitar than an ugly guy like you has any right to.") Agreed, buddy.
-Hitting a drive on #10 so far that no one else even bothered to hit.
-Chatting with the lovely Caity about life, her PhD and poker.
-Watching The Wife and Drizz as she took her lumps in the lost prop bet.

-Getting a hug from surprise guest therealdawnsummers.
-My horrible tournament, where I played like a pussy and folded AJ and AQ to pressure, even though I'd committed a significant portion of my chips.
-Seeing the reaction from F-Train when I handed him my bustout prize (an Army cap I wore in Iraq). Priceless.

AAAAAAH! There's so much more, but you know that. You were there.**
I love you guys. Bring on #wpbt2010

*I didn't pick on him nearly as much as F-Train, but I was probably more noticeable sitting immediately to his right.

**Unless you weren't, in which case, why not?


yestbay said...

I'm just a punching bag at the poker table, I admit it. But watch out next time, I'll be fighting back, whether it's you, or F-Train, or all of you combined. Bring it on!

By the way, I would have been happy to give you some of my pizza. I was trying to share it because it was so massive, but I couldn't get any takers!

The Wife said...

Wow . . . you're pretty observant . . . I am a bit of a hedonist. And it's not a sexual thing (mostly), I do love touching and petting and kissing, especially CK and Kat.

However, you may have understated one thing - "I'm not the jealous type (mostly)" - whatever. You're totally the jealous type! Never fear, baby . . . they may be cute and fun to love on . . . but I've got you trained. Not ready to start another training program on this bunch of old dogs.

Except the girls . . . free reign.

Katitude said...

Dear man, I do apologise if you felt 'summarily dismissed'. I was not at my most subtle, was I?

*waits for laughter at the thought of me being subtle at all to subside.

F-Train said...

So you noticed how much I was pick on yestbay, did you? Thought I was being more subtle than that.

(Sorry yestbay! But chips are chips...)

BWoP said...

I don't think I have the sufficient plumbing to put you into jealousy category, Doc.

The long hair will only take me so far . . . and the bendiness . . . and the soft smoochiness . . .

DrChako said...

I may be the only one of our group who hasn't tested CKs smoochiness. Might have to correct that next time.

Of course, she did call me yucky...


BWoP said...


Smoochability is based on the following (1) gay, (2) black or (3) vagina.

Please respond with appropriate category, and I'll get back to you.


DrChako said...

Damn. F-Train's got me on all three.


Shrike said...

F-Train is as black as I am. Wait, I'm black?!


Elaine Emmons said...

Type is see Break Open Ticket Type.