Wednesday, March 02, 2011


I'm going to conclude this post with some actual poker content, but first I must bore you with fitness stuff.

My New Year's resolution is still on track. As of February 28th, I completed just over 61 miles of running. That's just ahead of my 1-mile-a-day vow. I'm fairly sure I'm ahead of Grange, but since he's suffering through an Iowa winter, I'm also certain these are my "leap ahead" months. When it starts warming up out there, he'll probably catch up. I'm still confident I can win the bet, though. By the next #wpbt, I will have run at least 300 miles. I doubt he'll have completed 600, so victory is almost assured.



Okay - the promised poker content. I'm still on my winning streak, and loving it. I'm making good reads and for once variance is mostly adhering to statistics. Mostly.

It's 2/5 NL. I buy in for $200. I run it up to $1400 and I'm about to leave. A young hoodie-wearing player is the only guy at the table who has given me trouble. He seems to understand bet sizes and strategy, and we've mostly avoided each other. The standard raise at this table has been to $20 or $25. He opens in early position for $40. It's highly unusual and I put him squarely on Jacks or 10s. I look down at two black Kings and decide to smooth call. He has about $350 behind.

The flop is Qh-8h-6h. He bets $40 into the $87 pot. I raise to $125. He goes all-in for $310 more.

What do you do?


SirFWALGMan said...

Just call man.. you have a ferrari and a hot ass C-something-O wife who makes her employees lick her sexy red shoes.. Your up 1400. Fuck man just call the pennies and leave happy knowing hoodie kid is going back to his basement apartment so he can tell his poker nerd buddies how he owned this old dude.. just call man.. when he flips over his trip queens you can say "oh man what a bad beat"..

Shrike said...

I stick with my read and beat him into the pot hoping to fade two outs (or runner-runner)?


SirFWALGMan said...

I think his read was a middling pair which includes Queens...

BamBam said...

Lots to think about no? You hold two black Kings, three hearts flopped, you read 10-10 or J-J, perhaps one a heart? A-K of hearts?

He has about $350 behind. The flop is Qh-8h-6h. He bets $40 into the $87 pot. I raise to $125. He goes all-in for $310 more.

FWIW, I'm not good enough to fold to $185 there.

DrChako said...

I'm not good enough to fold either, but I wanted to put some real thought into the call.

His range is pretty narrow. Most likely he has 10-10, JJ, QQ, AA, AQ or possibly a flopped set. AK with a heart draw is also possible. He's not outright bluffing here, but a semi-bluff is quite possible. Of those hands, I'm a coin flip if any include a heart, and I'm behind 3 or 4 (with no redraw). I think you could make an agrument either way here.


Shrike said...

I missed the monotone board. However, I stick with my original answer, although the decision is a much closer one. I still call for the following reasons (some of which are good ones, some of which are not):

i Raise/folding is a terrible line given villain's stack size - if I am raising here, I have to plan ahead and call off
ii I am up big for the session, so I can afford the call
iii I'm getting a good price on the call (see i)
iv I have enough equity against all of villain's drawing hands (see i, iii) to call properly
v I have two measly outs if I don't have the best hand

Interesting hand.


DrChako said...

Shrike - that is the correct reasoning, even though the odds may not support it.

Well, I know you're all anxiously awating what happened, so here goes.

I call after about 10 seconds in the tank and since it's a cash game, we don't have to show. A heart hits the turn. The river is a blank. He turns over Ah-9s for the naked Ace-high flush draw.

Douche. Bag.

There is a HUGE tendency for these kids to push naked draws. In fact, I'm not certain it's a bad play. There is a lot of LAG play early on, but when it gets to playing for stacks, there is a lot of folding. I don't plan on changing my game, but it's given me a lot to think about.

One quick aside. As he's raking my chips, I go to muck my hand, but he asks the dealer to show it.


I laid into him. I may have insulted his mother and his mother's mother. FYI - if you want to tilt me, this is how.


Jordan said...

I fold and then bang a nurse in my Ferrari. That applies whether it is me or you in the hand.

lightning36 said...

Poker and ferraris seems to have boosted the testosterone levels of the comments. Either that or Waffles and Jordan are just horny. lol