Saturday, April 02, 2011


I'm not even sure epicness is a word, but I don't give a rats ass. It aptly describes my trip tonight, and I thought I'd share it with you. We, being the awesome friends we are, decided to store a car for our good friend while she is deployed overseas. We had the extra garage space in Stockton, so it was a fairly simple proposition. After she left, we drop the car off over there and shuttle back together. I use the car once a week so the battery doesn't die, then I bring it back when she returns. Simple, right?

Well, it IS simple, provided I follow instructions. If you've ever given me a shopping list with more than three items, you know I'm not always the best at following instructions. Many have wondered how I got through medical school with this obvious flaw, and all I can say is... well, nothing. I'm not sure how I did it either, but I have this diploma, so I must have had the ability at one time.

Anyway, I was supposed to bring the car back this weekend, but I didn't. So today, I decided to do the swap myself. Why inconvenience anyone else for my error? I just pulled the cover off the Ferrari and found a really juicy route to get to Stockton. It's usually a 90 mile/80 minute proposition, but this time it was a 132 mile/3 hour deal. The roads were twisty as hell.

For those that care, this is the route.

Along the way, there was some incredible scenery.

I can't begin to imagine what some of these homes are worth,
but the view alone is a million bucks.

And finally, I arrived at my home away from home.
Look at that - it's like the parking space was specially
reserved for a Ferrari.


Katitude said...

you had me at "twisty as hell".

Getting the bike out this week, finally. Can you hear the "squeee"?

Wolfshead said...

Pffffft!! Sure, rub it in. I can't even drive again until July. Looks like it was a nice ride

KenP said...

Man, you are lazy. Poor wife had to cover for you on this festive day.



Shawn said...

Wish I could post a picture for you of the red Ferrari that's parked outside right now, but being on a DOD installation prohibits me from snapping any shots of it. Makes me wonder how someone on a gov't salary affords a car like that, has to be the admiral's.
I think there's a budget somewhere that needs to be balanced.