Friday, October 21, 2005

What On Earth…?

21 OCT 05

What on Earth did you like about that flop?

I can’t believe how many times I said that yesterday. Gotta love the Muckleshoot, where if you dream it, your card will come.

I hate having made hands trumped by gut shots, especially when the pot odds clearly did not warrant idiots staying in. Lost with KK, QQ and AQ like that. Of course, I had my one suck out when I caught a third 8 to my pockets and busted a guy with AA. I limped in middle position. There was one caller and he raised. I called, and so did MP.

The flop was 7 6 2 rainbow. I had an overpair so I bet it. MP calls and AA guy raises. I call and so does MP. There are now 10 big bets in the pot. The turn is a 5, giving me the open ender and the over pair. I check and so does MP. AA bets and we both call. I think I’m beat, but I have 10 outs (two 8’s, four 4’s and four 9’s).

River was an 8.

I bet, and as MP is calling, the button guy shouts, “you sonofabitch,” because he knows his rockets got busted. With the way the table was going, he should have expected it. Besides, he was one of the morons that sucked out on me two hands earlier.

Small consolation as I still ended up down for the night. I was happy with my play – more aggressive, but I still screwed up one hand by playing too tightly.

I’m dealt KK in middle position and the LAG to my right raises. I reraise and (holy crap), I isolate him. That almost never happens at the Muck. Anyway, the flop comes undercards. He bets and I raise. He calls. The turn is another undercard. He bets again.

Now, I’m thinking, AA? Trips? I just called. That was my mistake. I should either raise or fold that hand. At this point, he looks at me and says, “what, no raise?”


River is an Ace. He bets, I call, and he beats me with A Q.

Final thought: T minus 5 days to Vegas.

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