Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Cute Kid Story

28 DEC 05

Warning – No Poker Content!!

This is supposed to be a poker blog, but this was just too cute to pass up. Besides, Drizz has frequently posted about his young ‘un, to positive dramatic effect.

I too have a potty-training youngster who can be a handful at times, but will easily make up for it with comments like these. Like most 3 year-olds, he is learning to speak and will occasionally mix up letter sounds. We don’t have a Doggy, we have a Goggy.

Dr. Chako: Jason, it’s doggy.

Jason: Goggy.

Dr. Chako: No, Jason. Try again. D – D – Doggy.

Jason: D- D - … Goggy!!

Cute factor 5/10

So fast forward to last week. The scene is set while riding in the minivan with his 8 year-old brother.

Jason: Mommy, I want a Powder Ranger.

Older Brother: Jason, it’s POWER Ranger.

Jason: That’s what I said! D- D- … POWDER Ranger!!

Cute Factor 10+.

Okay. I thought it was cute. Maybe you had to be there.


Unknown said...

Toddlers are just comedians in underoos.

Anonymous said...

Very cute. :)