Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Pathetic Short Post

Thanks for the advice about getting my money into Pokerstars. I figure the advice is self-motivated since you are all likely going to get my money eventually.

Online first (for me) - getting AA cracked 5 times in one sitting.

Hands that beat my aces:
J10 off
92 off (WTF?)
63 (but they were soooted)

'Scuze my whilst I go kick my dog.



Matt Silverthorn said...

Wow, 5 times in one sitting? That's harsh. Hopefully that 92o flopped two pair and didn't actually try and chase something. Otherwise, I feel for your dog.

CJ said...

What are you playing AA for????

Keep running with those marginal hands and you'll go broke! ;-)

Unknown said...

I had AA23 cracked twice last night. Now that might not seem bad except for the fact that I've only been dealt AA23 4 times in over 50K hands of O8.