Sunday, May 14, 2006

My Bad

14 May 06

It was my fault.

I decided to change up my game a little. Instead of my normal polo t-shirt and St. Andrews ball cap, I decided to wear a really loud Tommy Bahama-type shirt and the Full-Tilt hat I won as a bounty from the Poker Geek. My thought was “Dress loud. Play tight.”

So, it’s a ½ Kill (which is stupidly 15/25). I’m under the gun and I look down at 8 10 of diamonds. So of course I muck.

Yeah, right.


I’m running really hot up to this point and I have most of the table on tilt. It’s re-raised and capped before it gets back to me. I call, and seven (!) of us see a flop of 2 6 7 rainbow.

Crap. Now I have a gut-shot and the correct odds to call. One MP guy bets and all 7 of us call. That’s right. There is $525 dollars in this stupid pot already before we see the turn.


“Train wreck on table 7! I think the 6 seat just messed himself!!”

Unbelievably, the button, who is LAST to act, bets right out. I’m first to act here, so instead of betting, I just check. It checks all the way to the button, who does in fact bet. I say, “Let’s stop the madness right now. I raise to $50.” The button says, “Do you have 8 10?” I reply, “Wouldn’t that be sweet?” I still get 4 callers.

The turn is a blank. I have the mortal nuts. I bet, and my 4 buddies come right along for the ride.


Single. Largest. Pot. Ever.


Matt Silverthorn said...

That is freaking sick, dude. Nice

iamhoff said...

You. Are. A. Monster. At least now you can afford a new pair of drawers, to replace the ones you soiled when your gutshot hit! Veddy veddy nice!