Wednesday, June 27, 2007

300 Posts!

27 June 07

Reflecting back on 300 posts, I can’t help but wonder what it’s all about. I have kept a written diary in the past, but I always lose interest after a few entries. What is it about blogging that keeps me coming back?

Certainly there is the feedback piece of it. Ask anyone who knows me (especially my wife), and they will tell you I have a huge ego, and it is ravenous. Blog comments feed that ego quite nicely, thank you very much.

But, after a while (and after many posts that receive no comments at all), there must be something else to keep me coming back. As most of you know, this blog started out as the chronicles of an amateur poker player, but has morphed into something else. I hope the reason you still read what I say is because you like the “something else.”

I think it’s like a written photo album. I know I get nostalgic when I read old posts. I’m sure I’ll look back on them in the future with fondness. I secretly hope my kids will one day discover this blog and learn a thing or two about their dad.

Anyway, thanks for being out there, dear reader. I hope you stay interested.


The Wife said...

Congratulations, ego-boy. Who knew you could have an attention span that lasted 300 posts? I seem to remember a trellis project, complete with building permit, that only held your interest for about 2 weeks!

Love you!

The Sister said...

One doesn't have to sweat nearly as much when hammering a keyboard as opposed to a trellis. I love your posts and they make my time here in Korea go by faster. :)