Friday, June 29, 2007

How to Beat America

29 June 07

As I have mentioned many times in the past, I don’t like to get political. I run the risk of letting all who know me find out how ignorant I am on current events. That said, I’m beginning to feel like I’m watching the decline of my great nation. I wish it were just one thing I could put my finger on and say, “Ah ha! This is the problem.” If it were that easy, someone smarter than me would have already figured it out and fixed it (I hope).

Here is the problem as I see it. America is too complacent with its place as the only superpower in the world. Rather than use our vast powers for good, we instead choose to give voice to our detractors and apologize for our bad behavior. This combination of attitudes emboldens others who might not even be enemies, and in fact (I believe) even enables them to become enemies, if only for the profiteering.

Let me illustrate. Right now, Vlad Putin, the chief muck-a-muck in Russia, has surrounded himself with a group of old KGB who are nostalgic for the Cold War days (feel free to draw your own conclusions about the Bush administration). America wants to put a missile shield in Europe. Russia wants a piece of the action.

There are two ways to get what they want. They can ask us nicely and run the risk of us saying no, or they can attack us on the world stage for political decisions made 40 to 60 years ago and hold that out as examples of why America is bad. In this way, America might be embarrassed into giving them what they want.

There is recent historical precedent that this method works. America imposes tough sanctions against Iran and says they shouldn’t build nuclear weapons, but when North Korea proves they actually have nucs, we kowtow to their desires and give voice to their demands.

The risk in all of this is you can’t undo the damage to our reputation. There is a new generation of Russian youth who are beginning to believe that America is bad. To make matters worse, the liberal media in America is turning American youth against our own country!

I’ve said this many times before. America needs better PR. We do great things. We’ve also done bad things. Sure, we need to be less hypocritical – I get it. But maybe if the world were regularly reminded of how benevolent we can be, they’d be less apt to find ways to attack us verbally. Attacking us physically may not be far behind.

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Anonymous said...

I applaud your boldness.

Additionally it was well written and well thought out. You make some interesting points. However, I think it may be somewhat simplistic. The fact is that every country around the world has a unique culture and a society indelibly linked to its own national pride, language, and history. The U.S A. is no difference in that respect. Consequently, if your theory is correct, there should be an equal amount of venom that is directed toward each of the other countries in the world.

No doubt about the effect of the liberal media and our bad P.R. However, the bulk of the blame must lie with those other countries that are basically intolerant. Intolerant of change, intolerant of arrogance, intolernt of foreigners, intolerant of anything that is not uniquely theirs.

Last but not least, was the blog that represented your 300th. Outstanding. I use that word because it fits your accomplishments and it's great for your ego!