Thursday, August 21, 2008

Magic Cone

A female friend was seeking revenge and spit on someone's car. I mentioned that, based on the offense, peeing in the gas tank would provide a higher level of satisfaction. Of course, being a girl, that's not really an option, right?

I present to you, without further comment, the Magic Cone.


The Wife said...

Better than peeing in the woods and worrying about stinging nettles . . .

Instant Tragedy said...

I didn't need a visual and yet you gave me one anyway. UGH!




Lategreatjc said...

I think I actually know some guys who could use the magic cone!


BamBam said...


Schedule schmedule! Never a better reason, (or time!) to decide to live life to the fullest, than us all getting together at The Bash!

Just the possibility, has us wriggling with excitement. (and my liver slightly nervous!)

Because you just mentioned, "Let me check my schedule," Peb's has 100% committed to getting to the bash by Friday night now. As she put it, "There's no F'ing way I'm going to miss this opportunity. NONE!"

That one comment put a smile on her face, at a time when she needed it most.