Sunday, August 31, 2008

Omaha and the Bash

I suck at Omaha8, but I sure do like saying, "Nut-Nut." I've gone weeks without even seeing a nut-nut, and I had three of them in 45 minutes. Drizz would be so proud.

Still, I was only playing O8 because I was waiting for a seat at 8/16. When I finally got the seat, I donked off $200 of my O8 winnings before buckling down and winning it all back. It was weird not being the most aggressive person at the table. I totally had to switch gears and play good, solid poker for a change.

The Bash
. It's legendary. I must admit I've considered going, but never seriously. But now, after getting called out by Al, The Wife and I are looking at plane tickets and reservations. We still aren't sure our schedules will totally mesh, but we might actually make this work.


The Bracelet said...

I've booked my ticket this morning. It's a great time and I highly recommend you two attend.

As far as "vacations" go this one is pretty damn cheap, too.

How can one pass up the chance to see the Alcantus Hangus in its natural environment? The only place you can witness this wonder of the world in person during full bloom.

Otis said...

Tickets booked three weeks ago. See you there...

Drizztdj said...

I'll introduce you to the world of NLO8 and PLO when you get there :)

Wear a cup.

BamBam said...

When I got the message from The Wife, I immediately ran and told Peb's.

I know you can appreciate this. It was the first real smile she's had in a few weeks!

I'll be making a call to Mr. James now. We'll need to make sure there's at least one bottle of 18 yr. old Macallans on hand!

Since I can't reach just yet, and she's sending such great vibes our way, grab The Wife and give her a squeeze for me. Hell if you like... while doing so on my behalf, you can forget the part about me being a "gentleman!"

See you soon!
(DAMN ! That sounds great!)