Thursday, September 25, 2008

Airport Tilt

I hate my Sony Laptop.

For some reason, it has developed two problems that, by themselves, suck. Combined together they make me want to use this POS in the next frisbee-tossing competition.

First - My internet connection speed has the dwindles. I place my cursor over the wireless connection icon when I first log on and it happily says "Connection Excellent! Speed: 54 Mbps." But slowly the speed decreases to 36, then 18 then 2 then 1. It happens regardless of where I'm connected - at home or remotely here in O'Hare. I click Repair, and it fixes the problem temporarily. 5 minutes later I have to do it all over again.

Second - Firefox sucks. I'm not sure if it's because I upgraded to Norton 360 (this problem started before the upgrade), but after surfing for a while, I'll shut down Firefox. When I go to reopen it, all my bookmarks are gone. The only fix is to restart the computer.

Since I sat down here at Gate C23, it's taken me over 1 hour just to get to the point where I could write this post. Of course, there is no place to plug in my laptop, so the battery is almost dead. Makes me want a drink.

Anyone out there wanna buy me a scotch?

Edit: Flight delayed. Something about the weather in Pennsylvania. Al, can't you do something about this?


KenP said...

If things ain't right and you are running Norton/Symantec stuff. Dump it and see if the problem goes away. AVG is rated as good or better and has a modest footprint. Which brings us to how much memory and what OS? 2gig min for Vista and it still slows at times. XT should do well in that memory.

Anonymous said...

I also used to use Norton but loads of programmes seem incompatible with it.

Since I switched to Kaspersky, everything has run like a dream, including Firefox