Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Bash - Day One

This is not my official trip report. Instead it's just a reminder of some of the ongoings for later.

I finally got to my hotel (the sumptuous Courtyard by Marriot in Collegeville) at little after 4 am after all the airport shenanigans. Since I missed the continental breakfast (in what would prove to be a trend), I went in search of sustenance. It was found in the Collegeville Diner. I grew up just north of here in New York, and it had been since then since I had real home fried potatoes. The stares from the customers next to me were probably because I was making the yummy noises a little too loud.

Satiated, I got back to my room in time for a call from Al telling me the Canadians were golfing despite the rain. Tell them to wait! I'm from Seattle, dammit. This is perfect golfing weather.

I got a big hug and a small scotch from BamBam and he introduced me to his north-o-the-border bretheren DonKaaa (which makes a lot more sense when you pronounce the Kaaa as "aye" and not "aaah") and brudder Carson. We hit the links and played a 2-team scramble. Bam and I pulled into the early lead after I sunk a clutch put on the first hole, but the team of DonKaaa and BC nailed a chip to gimme range on the last hole to claim the one-up victory. Rematch!!

There is so much more, but I have to hit shower. The Wife got in safely, and after a horrible but charitable poker tournament, we had an awesome breakfast at 3am with Bobby Bracelet and the lovely Elisabeth. We slept in, so now we've got to get moving in order to get to the Pub-lympics on time.

Pray for my liver.

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