Monday, February 09, 2009

Seattle Blogger Home Game!

This is what I was facing to my right!

Many thanks to MeanHappyGuy for hosting. I was going to write a bunch of flowery stuff, but it's been done by better writers than me already. My thoughts are these:

  • Yes, The Wife is HOT. When I saw what she intended to wear, I almost didn't want to leave the house. But that would be selfish, no? Remember, I have a huge ego. What better way to show everyone my awesomeness than parading around my trophy wife in her low-cut tee-shirt.

  • I drank WAY too much.

  • I'm awesome at Roshambo.

  • Fortunately, because I won at Roshambo, it meant I didn't have to drive home.

  • Unfortunately, it also meant that I didn't care at all that The Wife was being ogled and fondled by a bunch of horny geek poker-bloggers. Right in front of me. A lot.

  • It also meant that I donked off half my stack in the cash game because I couldn't read my own hand. Apparently the alcohol made me think I had the ability to read other hands, though. Yeah, not so much.

  • Donking off my stack wouldn't have hurt so much until I realized that most of it was to our host, who also wrote a memorable write up of the evening. Basically, he got my money and he got to rub all over The Wife. I'm pretty sure I got the raw end of that deal.

  • All totalled, it was everything you would want in a poker blogger gathering. If you weren't there, you missed one helluva night.

  • Did I mention that The Wife is hot?


Shrike said...

I choose not to contest your claim that The Wife is hot. Aren't I clever?


MHG said...

You definitely got the raw end of the deal Saturday night, but I bet you're happy the other 364 days a year :)

Until next time!