Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Contest is Over!

Me thinks someone cheated and looked it up on SF Bay Craigslist, but I'd just call it being resourceful.

That's right folks. The little house from my last post is listed at $1,287,000.

Don't believe me? Check it out yourself:

4BR/2BA Single Family House (Palo Alto)

Justme - send me your email and an interesting pic is headed your way!


justme said...

Next time, you need to change the name of the jpeg file :-)

I found it here on

Otis said...

I know it's too late now...but for what it's worth, I got a house bigger than that, on a lot bigger than that, that was built 40 years after the fact for exactly 10% of the price.

And it has a brand new deck!

KenP said...

Otis is calling around looking for a truck big enough to haul his house to California.

Anybody out there that can help the lad out?