Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

It's anniversary season, and today is ours. Back in 1995 we were just two kids with a dream. I was finishing medical school and she was making her mark on the public accounting world. Who could have predicted all the goings-on over the last 14 years? It's been one helluva ride.

Tonight we celebrate this special occasion just the way you'd expect - by rushing home to get the kids to Tae Kwan Do, only to turn right around and go to our oldest son's concert.

It may not be the most romantic celebration, but I get to do it with the girl of my dreams. I may not be the best husband in the world, but I guess I'm doing something right.

Happy Anniversary, babe. It will all work out.

Edit: Once again, she outdoes me. Check it out here.


BamBam said...

Happy Anniversary Lil' Brudder!

TenMile said...

'Grats, Doc. Many more.

BWoP said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

The Sandman Cometh said...

That's awesome! wish you all the best!