Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Stuff I Use

Falstaff had a throwaway comment about using a note taking thingy (Evernote?) that interfaces with multiple programs. It sounds great and I'll probably see if I can get it for my MyTouch phone. That got me to thinking. What things do you use every day? You might assume everyone knows about the obvious stuff, but you'd be wrong.

In an effort to find some cool stuff, I'm willing to open up my geekiness so you can all see what a troglodyte I am. Keep in mind that common things I hear about like Digg, Torrent and someone named Doctorow (EL?) are foreign to me. Sure I can Google them, but I already have a lot of stuff. Do I need them in my life?

Here is what I use every day:
Google Reader - especially weather and movie listings
Google Maps
iTunes and my iPod
MyTouch phone - especially Phit Droid (mindless game), Instant Messenger and a cool ap called Guitar Tuner
Motorola H721 Bluetooth earpiece
FerrariChat (duh)
Sony Vaio laptop (POS, but functional)
HP desktop (yay, HP!!!)

What am I missing? What one thing would enrich my life?


SirFWALGMan said...

Sean D said...

SendShoestotheWife 1.0

Remember Valentines Day is just 3 days away!


Are you going to iPad it?