Thursday, February 04, 2010

Crazy Doctors - Part II

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I had no idea people were this interested! Truly, every day in radiology is like an episode of House (without the attitude*).

Rather than simply tell you what it is, let me show you what I saw. These images are from her CT scan (obviously, all patient info has been removed. We are a teaching institution and there is an expectation that people will learn from you whenever possible).

Any ideas?



KenP said...

Pretty sure I'm on to something here...

Glows in the Dark?

StB said...

some kind of bowel obstruction

genomeboy said...

based on the uhhhh...girth of the patient, I'd first say she's eating too much Peking Duck...which are causing her kidney stones...uric acid increased and all...

Otis said...

Damned if that doesn't look like a bird's head in can't be that. So what?

BLAARGH! said...

The correct answer.

SirFWALGMan said...

Blaaargs a fag.. bet you didn't see that on any fucking scan. Isn't that a pic of her brain? First I thought it was her lungs? Like smoking too much.. but ducks.. so like inhaling duck shit or something.. fuck if I even know what the hell part you scanned.. maybe this is why women hate me..

Grange95 said...

Looks to me like lungs. You can see the vertebrae at the bottom of the images, what look like ribs on the sides, and the other ghost-like images are probably internal organs. The white spots in the lungs are probably pneumonia, cysts, or something else that scars lung tissue.

Of course, I'm likely 100% wrong and we're looking at a scan of her lunch bag.

genomeboy said...

ok, I agree with the LAGGy lawyer that the image is higher than the kidneys...maybe some type of aortic dissection in progress?

BLAARGH! said...

OK, it's quite obviously psittacosis, you can see the bacteria infecting her lungs. A good dose of anitbiotics and choking the chicken will cure it right up.
Next patient, please.

(A man went to the psychiatrist wearing nothing but saran wrap. The psychiatrist looks at him and says "I knew you were crazy, but now I can see your nuts".)

bastinptc said...

I'm still going with histoplasmosis, as it is one of the most common ailments. Aside from SOB, what symptoms was she exhibiting? If it is histo, is it disseminated?

Makes me want to get out and clean our coop. Not.

Big woman, eh?

Word verif. "upper"

pokerpeaker said...

Neat post. Though with you as the doc, I find it hard to believe there isn't ANY attitude accompanying the diagnosis.

I only took four years of medical school - I had to drop out because all the nursing students were attacking me - so I'm not really sure.

DrChako said...

I'm loving this.

Before I reveal the answer, a couple points:

1. Congrats to those who recognized that this is a CT scan of the chest. Yes, those are vertebral bodies in the back.

2. Great call on her "girth." It's actually pertinent to this case in a round about way (no pun intended).

3. Her upper lungs are horrible and her lower lungs are normal. That's also important.

I'll reveal the answer in an upcoming post.


PS. Extra credit to Blaargh for making me laugh out loud with the P-shop.

BLAARGH! said...

Does anyone else see the skull and crossbones in the 3rd picture in the vertebrae? That lady is f*cked!

KenP said...

vertebral bodies????

Sounds like a Hooter's reference.

As to the diagnosis:


definitely Trumbra

At least that's what the verification thingy below says.

KenP said...

I know it is ancient, but...

DrC: So what is #1?
Waffles: Picture of women and horse.

DrC: And, pic #2?
Waffles: Same women with a goat?

DrC: Amazing, #3?
Waffles: They're doing that thing just under 70.

DrC: Waffles, you are one sick puppy.
Waffles: Hey Doc! You are the one showing all the dirty pictures.

MHG said...

This woman's breasts are descending, which is sadly a natural tendency in elderly women. I'd give her a clean bill of health, she's probably going to pass away soon from old age, no need to scare her and speed up the process.

The Wife said...

I'd call it "House - Redux: Less drug addiction, more Ferrari addiction"

Love the humor, but I'm too busy to play doctor so I'm jumping ahead to read the answer.

SirFWALGMan said...

So fuck I was right about it being lungs. My reason for choosing that first was it was such a big organ so it either had to be Bobby's cock or someones lungs.

Of course I second guessed myself but fuck I have no confidence at all what do you expect.

I was like 1/2 right about Bird shit being the cause also... hmm.. maybe I missed my calling?

Oh and Fuck Ken wtf did I do to you? Fucking cut your hair you fucking hippie.