Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Driving the Ferrari - YouTube

Just experimenting with video editing software and my camera. Man, this is fun!

(FYI - Tubi is the upgraded exhaust that the previous owner had installed. Adds more growl)


KenP said...

My goodness Doc; I didn't realize you lived in such a primitive country without a nice interstate handy.

So, how far do you have to drive on those horrible, twisty roads to get to a good one?


genomeboy said...

no credit to the vidiographer?

how much does it cost to insure your toy in CA?

Anonymous said...

Really nice video. You have some talent there.

Special K

DrChako said...

Videographer.... Dr. Chako ;-)

Ken - I'm sure there's some interstates around here. I avoid them like the plague.

Genomeboy - it's a whopping $51 per month to insure the car, which is LESS THAN HALF what it costs to insure my wife's car (in case she happens to be reading these comments).

Special K - thanks. I wasn't sure if my guitar playing fit the video, but I had fun doing it.


BamBam said...

Was that a "clunk" I heard at one of those shifts up to third gear?

O/U on how many times The Doc now reviews the video, is set at....


Big brudders can be SO mean.


DrChako said...

Take the over. I've already watched at least 20 times. And I did miss one shift. Not so much a clunk as a sharp rev. :-)


The Wife said...

And why didn't I get credit for the still photos I took that you used in your montage?

And are you contemplating the insurance costs of the TWO cars we insure on your behalf?

Sean D said...

WARNING, WARNING... Don't answer THE WIFE's question.

Ask her if there is a sale at DSW or some shoe place.


The Sister of DrChako and Mrs. Chako said...

Chuck, that is a great video. I was laughing and giggling with you. Great stuff. $51 a month? Seriously? Color me shocked.