Saturday, June 26, 2010

New Ferrari Video

For those that like this kind of thing, here's another video from our Ferrari run today. What I didn't mention in the video was that at the end of the run, 4 of us stopped on the side of the road to wait for a straggler. A cop spun around and pulled in behind us. With his mirrored shades and tough-guy stance, he told us that they'd received several 911 calls about Ferraris driving recklessly through the countryside.

"Whatever are you talking about, officer?"

In truth, we were very sedate today. It's tough to drive aggressively (not to mention outright dangerous) with all those bicycles on the road. I can just see the headline:

Doctor in Ferrari Kills Marin Bicyclers

Not something I want on my résumé.


benny said...

That's a real cool video mate - thanks for posting and keep them coming.

BamBam said...

The grin, (I can see your eyes beneath the glasses!) as you play and then finally catch up, puts the same look on my face.


The Sister said...

Great video, Chuck. Love the guitar and singing too. You know what you need, though? Dad sitting next to you in the passenger seat. :)