Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The Greatest Wife

Here is yet another reason why I have the greatest wife in the world. This is the full text of the email she just sent me:

Hey hon. Sitting in Heathrow prepping to fly to Paris. I seem to have lost the water I just purchased but other than this small disappointment, the day is on track . . . Will be in Paris in a couple of hours.

Give some thought to whether you want me to get any duty free . . . Heathrow's selection of scotch is crazy. Although the McCallans aren't numbered . . . They sell a "reserve" an "estate" a "whiskey makers select" and something called "oculus" or something like that which costs 400 pounds. I also could get other stuff . . . Research and give me some price points and I'll bring home treats if you want.

I'll keep you posted on how it goes. Anxious to get home though.

Love you!


Shrike said...


Last time I hit the Heathrow duty free their whisky selection was subpar. Of course, I had just come down from Scotland so I was a bit spoiled ... glad to see things have changed for the better.


BamBam said...

I'd be jealous of course except for one minor detail, I run as good as you in The Wife department.

Lucky Brudders!

alexandra said...


OneLifeLiveIt said...

Terminal 5 is impressive - the others are pretty poor but will get overhauled eventually.

The Wife said...

Terminal 5 had a caviar bar.