Monday, October 04, 2010

Single Malt

In honor of the Bourbonators post, I made a short deviation to BevMo! and picked up a gem.

It's Highland Park. Not the $450 25 year old, but the simple 12 year old for $39.95 plus tax. It's a 2008 gold medal winner and a 95 point scotch, if you can believe that. For comparison, my favorite scotch, the Macallan 18, is only a 94 point, and it's $150/bottle.

This is a truly excellent single malt with a candied flavor with hints of butterscotch and chocolate. It's got a slow afterburn, similar to the Macallan, but with perhaps a hint of the peaty flavor in an Islay. Only the vaguest of hints, I promise you. I'm quite certain I've never had a single malt this good at this price.

I've got a ton left if you happen to find yourself in Stockton. Just give me a 5 minute heads up and I'll put my pants back on before you get here.


Shrike said...

Nice. HP has always been a favorite of mine.


OhCaptain said...

A most excellent review! I've added this to my list to try. Your description has me very curious. I may just have to make up a reason to be in Stockton :)

BamBam said...

Oh Captain won't give you the heads up though! Doc's without pants is on his wishlist.


I do get the inference towards the Isleys but honestly, it came across too strong for this kid.

Of course if I found myself in Stockton and you'd put your damn pants back on, I'd give it another go for the team!

Perhaps a Whiskey blog as a three man team is in order?

FUCK! Did I just really say that?

DrChako said...

If such a blog did exist, I would be a rare but enthusiastic contributor. I would not wear pants.


BamBam said...

Made me laugh!

You win.

Bayne_S said...

Even the best Scotch is no reason to go to Stockton.