Saturday, February 05, 2011

Ferrari Run!

I've been hesitant to post anything Ferrari-related after the last dust-up, but you know what? It's what I love. It's my passion, and it's my blog, dammit. Don't like it? Don't read it.

Today was an amazing run. The weather here is spectacular* and the old crowd, as well as a bunch of newbies, came out of the woodwork. We had 30 cars in all. 27 were Ferraris, but there were two Jags and a Lambo rounding out the bunch. There is no pretentiousness in this group. We call ourselves FOG (Ferrari Owners Group), but we love it when other interesting or classic cars show up. Today we had a few special treats, including one car** worth more than all the others. Combined. Several times over, in fact. These folks just love cars. No way they're going to let these beauties sit in a garage, ala Cameron's dad.

We drove over Mt. Tam in Marin county and waved at our friend Dacia, who it apparently hiking up there today (Hi, Dacia!) and then stopped for brunch at Murray Circle, in Sausalito. What an amazing place! Great food with great people. I'm still smiling.

Enjoy the pics.

*I figured if people are pissed I'm writing about my Ferrari, they might as well be REALLY pissed so I'll brag about the weather amidst one of the worst snow storms in memory.

** Yes, I know my big fat finger is in the way, but I'm too lazy to crop the pic and it doesn't detract from the beauty of the machine.

One more pic I stole from a friend:

Edit: If you want to see more from today (and far better pics from a real photographer), check out this site.


Katitude said...

fuck the haters, but feel sorry for the merely very envious ;-)

It looks like an incredible day!

lightning36 said...

Sounds like fun! You don't have to rub it in about the weather, though. lol

BamBam said...

First pic just may be the most *beautiful thing I've ever seen. Next to my Wife, The Wife, Kat or CK.
* - thumb obv.

Live how you do, write what you want. Anything else, well, just wouldn't be the you we love.

JK said...

I believe I'll be up your way next week. Looking forward to seeing you, the Wife, and the Ferrari. Not necessarily in that order, but does it really matter?

DrChako said...

Depending on which JK you are, you are more than welcome.


The Sister said...

I love your Ferrari posts, Chuck. You have earned your treats and your toys. LOTS OF FERRARI LOVE FROM THE SISTER!!! How's about bringing it for the wedding? Ok, maybe not quite for a cross-country trip, but all the more of an excuse for me to get my sorry ass out there to Kah-li-forn-ya. the "Cameron's dad" comment.

SirFWALGMan said...

I like your pretentious Ferrari posts also. :).