Friday, February 25, 2011

Of Poker, and Other Pursuits

I have recently been on a good run, having pulled out 9 and 12 racks from the 8/16 game at Bay 101. Well today, I beat them all. I increased my stake 21 times!

But first, a bad beat story. It's short. Your dollar is in the mail.*

Got aces. Flopped top set. Lost to runner-runner-flush to a guy with 10-7 off-suit who called three bets preflop AND called the flop with no draw.

See, that wasn't so bad. That bad beat story is short enough to tweet (which should be the criteria for all bad beat stories IMHO).

The end result was that my initial buy-in got down to 5 chips. Rather than reach for a re-buy, I dumped them into the big blind in much the same way people buy lottery tickets. Long story short, 5 limpers and I look down at AQ. I toss the extra chip into the pot. It checks around on the flop and turn. One bettor on the river gets called with pocket 6s, but I flopped an Ace and it was good for the main pot! WTF?!

From 5 chips to 30 chips. Sweet. Let it ride! I am in the small blind and call 1/2 a bet with rags, but I flop trips. I manage to get all my chips into the pot with a few callers along the way, and voilĂ , 21x. Of course, this basically gets me back my buy-in. I promptly racked up and called it a win. It almost felt better than dragging out 12 racks. Almost.


In other news, most of you know my passion for Ferrari. Before I owned the car, I did not own a single piece of Ferrari-related paraphernalia. Since that time, I bought a hat, a fleece jacket from my car club,** and a Ferrari key-chain.*** That's it. But, I've only really coveted one non-drivable Ferrari item, and never actually thought it would be mine. Until today.

* No, it isn't.

**We call ourselves FOG, for Ferrari Owners Group. It's apropos because we drive around San Francisco. Cute, eh?

***Since bequeathed to Drizz as my bust-out prize during the last WPBT. Still waiting on your visit so we can go busting through the Palo Alto hills, buddy.


BLAARGH! said...

Awesome win doc! Too bad you didn't start your 21x run with your full buy in...

Nice watch. I never really got into the expensive watch thing myself, though I probably should have bought one when I had the chance. I did some work for Tourneau and the CEO offered me a HUGE discount on any watch they sold... they looked at me like I was an idiot when I turned them down. Come to think of it, they always looked at me like I was an idiot... hmmmm.

The Sister said...

I remember when I first got my Audi that I had all these grand ideas of the Audi branded merchandise I was going to begin sporting. However, absolutely none of it came to pass. Mostly because I adore my car, but not a bunch of useless stuff that has the Audi name on it. The only thing I ever ended up buying was the front "license" plate for the car. Just the mirrored plate with the Audi rings. It was perfect.

The above comment from the guy who turned down discounted watches from the CEO of Tourneau has made me a little dizzy. I may need to sit down for a moment...

Unknown said...

I think I have some free time on May 5th, 2012 between 4:15 and 4:25 :)

And YOU will be doing the driving, I don't trust myself with that much power and would just rather lean back to enjoy the ride.

Special K said...

Would that be the Panerai Scuderia?

DrChako said...

Good call. Yes it is. Model FER00010, to be exact.