Monday, May 23, 2011


Editors Note: My humble apologies if you were spammed by an invitation to this blog. I'm a noob when it comes to this stuff and in my panic to take things down, I may have clicked,  "Invite"' a few times too many. Please forgive.

You ever been so mad your hands were shaking? The kind of mad where it's even hard to type? Yeah, that's me now.

I'm a fairly smart guy. I've been very good about keeping my personal life separate from my work life. That includes social media. Well, today I got an angry message from my boss saying he "found" a picture of him that I posted on some social media site. He was very upset and wanted it taken down immediately. For the life of me, I could not find it, despite searching for the last 2 hours. It seems my only recourse is to delete the lot - blog, facebook and twitter.

I'm reminded of a young doctor I mentored when I was teaching. He got into some serious trouble for blogging. Granted, he said something he shouldn't have and it got to the wrong person, but it was blown way out of proportion. As a blogger, they called me to evaluate the situation and I was able to keep the young man out of jail (seriously), but his punishment was quite severe.

I thought I was smarter than that. Apparently not. I'd say more, but I'm fairly certain there's a rat out there. Instead, allow me to offer the following blanket statement:

This blog and all of it's contents are for entertainment purposes only. No person, named or not, is real. I made them all up. If anyone was offended, I offer my sincere apologies. Please direct me to any offending posts and I will do what I can to delete them.

If there are any lawyer types out there who can offer advice about how to make the above statement more official-like, please let me know.

Peace out.


Shrike said...

At the risk of being superficial, can your boss provide a link to said picture?

Deleting your social media stuff isn't a good solution - there'd still be an archive in the wayback machine for people to find the picture.

I'll let an American lawyer speak with regards to tidying up that disclaimer.


DrChako said...

I have my suspicions too. I can not remember ever even taking any photos at work.

I agree about the archive, but I don't know what else to do.

Grange95 said...

I think Blogger permits you to make your blog private. Not ideal, but it's better than throwing out several years of work many of us appreciated.

Your boss needs to realize this is 2011. There will be pictures and comments out there on those pesky interwebz. As long as your picture was appropriate, and you attempted to remove it upon request, he needs to lighten up.

The Bracelet said...

I know the feeling. Sorry to hear that you've joined me in the experience.

Have some scotch, relax, and remember that while it's annoying and frustrating it won't kill you.

Now, Clostridium Dificile...THAT can kill you. And that would be terribly embarrassing as well.

DrChako said...

Ah yes, the scourge of C. dif. A disease created by, well, you.

Pauly said...

Stay thirsty my friend.

Unknown said...

Go private, keep the friends in touch.

My Facebook account is only friends and family no one else can see the pics and updates.

And I too call shananigans on the boss' picture. Depending on your relationship with him/her I'd ask politely for a link to the offending picture.

peacecorn said...

Argh. Sorry to hear it.

Maura said...

Wow. That bites. Unless it was a picture of him in flagrante delicto or with an insulting caption, WTF?

P.S. Thanks for inviting me to the private version, since I've been remiss in checking in sooner!

The NL Wife said...

I hear a little Celo Green playing in the background . . . "Forget You . . . " Although maybe it was the other version. :)

Hang in there. Maybe that stick will work its way out of his ass at some point by itself and won't require surgery. I'm with Grange on this one - if you want to stay completely out of the internet, stay in your house.

BLAARGH! said...

Was your boss the fat chick xray with the chicken feather disease? That would explain a lot...

I inadvertently used my blaargh address to edit a google doc on a client's job recently. Luckily I'm in the position where I could give a rats ass what other folks think of me, but I feel your pain doc. It seems to be the old fuckers that can't get a grip on this stuff (you + I not included :)