Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Throwing Stones

Well, I've calmed down a bit and learned a little something, too. First of all, I found the offending picture. I posted it to Facebook back in mid 2010 and you know what? I can actually understand why my boss was upset. Don't bother looking for it - I deleted it.*

Bottom line - I made a mistake. I should not have posted the picture and I am appropriately chastised. I'm still kicking myself for being that stupid, in fact. Let this be a lesson to you.

But here's the other thing. There was only one person in my office that I "friended" on Facebook. I unfriended him sometime last year. Here's what must have happened. He saw the picture last year and must have saved it to his computer "just in case." He and I had a run-in a few weeks ago, and in a case of revenge disguised as "just trying to help," he went straight to my boss to show him the pic.

It gets even funnier (or sadder, depending on your perspective). My boss, who is in his 60s, is not quite tech-savvy. He said that he won't tell me who showed him the picture. He also wanted me to know that he checks on all of my "social network activity" all the time, just to be on the safe side.

I'm glad he doesn't understand technology, and I have no intention of disavowing him of his ruse. I promised to be careful, and you know what? I will be careful.

I'll be careful of what I post from now on, and I'll be doubly careful of that fucking rat bastard in my office.

*Actually, if we're friends on Facebook, go ahead and try to find it. I've always wondered if deleting pictures actually makes them go away - especially if there were multiple commentors. You may remember it - it was a picture of someone's arm with an offensive tattoo. There was some unintentional (and potentially identifiable) stuff in the background.


The Sister said...

Ha ha ha! "That fucking rat bastard" in your office! YEAH BOY!!!!! Kick some ass! Take some names!

KenP said...

Facebooks causes more problems than governor's maids etc. ect. etc.

It seems innocent and it ain't. It seems controllable and it ain't. And, it damn well isn't secure and doesn't even try to be. Simply put it is a data mining site.

It seems to work well and does for the innocuous parts of our lives. But, innocuous is in the eyes of the beholder. A snake sees more and boom.

And that picture is in the wayback machine.

Son of a gun. I registered on Facebook to view some pages a year ago. I never went beyond that simple id/pw access. As I was typing this I got a message from them. It said I had friends waiting for me on faceboooks. They provided me with 6 names of people I have never heard of. Is that weird or what?

I thought it was a spammer but the urls are legit. I used so they don't even have my real email address. If it were a spammer, they compromised the system using the facebook's site.


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