Tuesday, August 16, 2005


16 AUG 05

I’m sure someone has already made a tee-shirt with this logo (VARIANCE) on it. It’s a great thing to remember when someone sucks out on you. If the morons want to keep calling my made hands with 93o, let ‘em. I’ll win the vast majority of those battles, as evidenced by the last two days where I fluctuated significantly, but finished well into the positive range. I’m pleased that I had enough sense to walk away two days ago when I was only down $250 at 10/20.

Heading to Wisconsin tomorrow for the in-laws 35th anniversary. Hopefully, a poker game will break out. I think my wife has been telling the family that I’ve been playing high stakes poker, so I’m expecting no takers for higher limit family games, but that’s okay. Family poker should be about fun – not beating each others brains out. I get just as much pleasure out of winning a $5+1 SNG as I do winning $300 in higher stakes limit games.

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Final thought: “Variance!” (Best said after a string of bad beats, but only if you are SURE you’ve played your very best. If you’re forced to keep saying it over weeks or months, consider taking up bowling or golf.)

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