Friday, August 26, 2005

Way cool

26 AUG 05

I just got back from a surprisingly relaxing vacation / family reunion in farm-country, Wisconsin. We threw a 35th anniversary party for the in-laws and it was well received. Not much in the way of poker stories other than a short 3-handed NL tournament with me, my brother-in-law and the wife. The wife won, or course. She called my all-in bet on the flop with a 4-flush and caught the flush on the turn. That’s one dollar out of the poker can. Damn.

The “way cool” reference is due to the following e-mail:

Wow, I remember you. Your buddy almost beat Mark Seif, right?

Good luck with your blog. I just added you to the blogroll!

From none other than Dr. Pauly!! I sort of feel famous by association. For anyone referred here from his web site, let me say thanks for the traffic. If you are looking for excellent writing, stick with Dr. Pauly. Glance here occasionally to check on the struggles of an aspiring poker player who happens to also be a physician. If you want to know more, see my very first post for a sort of FAQ page.

Many thanks to Dr. Pauly. Look for me tonight at the Muckleshoot.

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