Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Making a Move

27 DEC 05

I’ve grown fond a making a of move that, when it works, the payoff is phenomenal.

Here is the situation. Typically, it’s a loose-passive 4/8 game (better with a full kill). Often there are two bets pre-flop with 4 or 5-way action. I’m in late position or on the button with either J10 or Q10 (preferably suited, but not necessary). Early raiser. One or two callers.

Here is the move. I reraise.

Okay. It’s not the trickiest of moves, but it does a couple of things. First, since I’m not an overly-aggressive player, I get big-hand equity. Post flop, it will usually check around to me - the final raiser. At this point, I bet and most everyone calls. Beware of check-raisers at this point. A flop check raise means only one thing – the check-raiser has a hand, but is afraid of a suckout. It never works. Nearly everyone preflop will call this bet. If it happens, and I have no piece or no draw, I quietly fold. Most people at 4/8 never pay attention to the flop-fold, so I’m not afraid they’ll think (or remember) I was bluffing. If I have a draw, I reraise.

Here is the key. The fish will often fold to the first raiser. If he bets, watch out. If he checks (9 times out of 10), I bet aggressively to the river. It’s amazing how he will fold to the river bet when his gutshot doesn’t get there or his Ace doesn't pair. And if he does get there, I get the wonderful reaction from the rest of the table...

You three-bet with THAT?

I simply go back to my regular tight-aggressive style and collect from all the future bluff equity. They always remember the river bluff.


skitch said...

You can do that with ANY hand in LP. I once told my brother to re-raise with 34o on the button, but he mucked... he woulda turned the Nut straight.

If the flop misses you or you get bet into or played back at, fold with no shame. If the flop hits you and you get lucky, just smile and say you were messing around and got lucky.

Fun to do after winning a big pot. You risk only 3 or 4 BB to try and steal all the limper's chips.

We must definitely get together soon!

DrChako said...

Good point. I re-read my post, and realized I forgot to add something. What I meant to say was that I like J10 and Q10 in late position (sometimes even better than high pocket pairs) because you can do so much with them, and you are creating good odds to draw.