Wednesday, January 18, 2006

26 thru 52

Feel free to scroll down to my previous post for items 1 thru 25 of this epic "101 things about me" post.

26. I have correctly predicted every next president one year prior to the election.
27. My two Clinton predictions both got me thrown out of an Operating Room.
28. I am a losing poker player, but I believe I can turn it around this year.
29. I am tiltable.
30. I have only been playing poker seriously for 8 months.
31. I’m proud to say I was born in Brooklyn, NY even though we moved upstate when I was one year old.
32. I miss the Catskill Mountains in the fall.
33. My 8 year old son has my gift for numbers. When it was time for his friend to go home, my son had to tell his buddy his mom’s cell phone number.
34. The only job I was ever fired from is when I was a telemarketer. I was fired for taking off too much time from work.
35. I was interviewing for medical school at the time.
36. The telemarketing firm asked me to come back two days after they fired me because I was the most productive salesman for the month.
37. I don’t know what that says about me, but I don’t want to think about it.
38. My dad is blind. He’s had 3 heart attacks. He has diabetes and a host of other medical conditions.
39. My dad is not disabled.
40. I have been to invitation-only parties with P Diddy and Usher.
41. Me and my two buddies were the only white guys in the room.
42. Usher’s babes are better looking.
43. I do mammography, and I think I’m very good at it. I know I have saved dozen of lives by detecting breast cancer early enough to do something about it.
44. If I lose my license to practice medicine, it will be because of mammography. Up to 50% of breast cancers are visible on the prior mammogram.
45. I hate mammography.
46. One of my favorite anatomical locations is the gastrocnemosemimembranosus bursa. It’s behind the knee.
47. I do a finger trick where I do the Vulcan sign \\// with one hand and the “reversed Vulcan” \!!/ with the other, then I switch back and forth rapidly.
48. I had way too much free time as a kid.
49. I jumped out of an airplane with 95 pounds of gear in total darkness. Airborne!!
50. My chute did not deploy right away. I was too busy bicycling my legs for my life to flash before my eyes.
51. When the chute finally opened, I got the best view of the Hale-Bopp comet on the planet.
52. I believe in God.


John G. Hartness said...

Neat Stuff, Doc. I lost my mother-in-law to breast cancer, and I think one of the greatest advancements in medicine is the mammogram and subsequent publicity of that test. Okay, not as great as penicillin, but right up there for recent medical advances.


Anonymous said...

Clearly, you have missed the whole ME part of "101 things about ME". No's 39 and 42 are clearly not things about you, other than your personal opinions. You need to stick to your topic, dude.

I still love you.

Anonymous said...

You have way too much free time on your hands....