Thursday, January 19, 2006

53 thru 77

53. I have lived in New York, South Carolina, Texas, Florida, Missouri, Iowa, Colorado, Georgia, Wuerzburg, Germany and Washington State.
54. I’ve been to 19 different foreign countries, including Canada, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Vatican City, France, Belgium, The Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, The Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, England, Ireland, Scotland, Greenland, Jordan and Egypt.
55. My favorite city outside of the US is Prague, in the Czech Republic.
56. I have run two marathons. The best was the 2003 Paris Marathon.
57. The best way to see Paris, France is jogging for 26 miles around the city.
58. I drive a beautiful BMW convertible, but I look at Ferraris on eBay almost every day.
59. I have driven a Ferrari 360 Modena Spider with F1 paddle shifters. It was better than I thought it would be.
60. I used to own a Saturn.
61. I am an Osteopathic physician.
62. Those last two items are related.
63. I cried when I read this post, because it made me remember my mom’s death. I can’t remember the last time I cried.
64. I wanted to go to my 20th high school reunion just to rub my success in the face of at least 10 different people.
65. Just typing that embarrasses me.
66. I didn’t go.
67. The first girl I asked to my senior prom turned me down and ended up sitting at my table with her date, who happened to be her brother.
68. I had a woobie as a child. It was an NFL blanket with a satin border. I used to rub the satin between my index finger and middle finger for comfort.
69. I can’t resist the urge to rub clothing between my fingers when I walk through a department store.
70. I celebrated my 10th birthday in the hospital.
71. I have a 10 inch scar on my left flank. My dad has a matching scar on his right.
72. I have never tried cigarettes, pot or recreational drugs.
73. I used to pour out my beer at parties when no one was looking.
74. I developed a taste for single malt scotch when I was in Scotland.
75. I am intimidated by golfers that wear black gloves.
76. I am intimidated by anyone wearing a “doo-rag.”
77. I have only been intimidated at poker table once. It was the first time I played 10/20.

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