Monday, March 27, 2006

Beneath Me?

27 MAR 06

So, I’m reading a blog from Daniel Negreanu where he’s talking about his $3000/6000 game breaking up. He wanted to play some more, but the only available game was $400/800. He said that he didn’t think he’d be able to play his best because the limits were so much lower than he’s used to. He wouldn’t be able to stay focused. I start laughing. $400/800 is below him and he couldn’t concentrate or play his best? I told my wife, “If you ever hear me say that $400/800 is beneath me, slap me around a bit, okay?”

She agreed a little too quickly…

Anyway, last night I played another short session. While waiting for the $10/20 game to open up, I sat in the $6/12. For my fans (all three of you), you know how much I hate $6/12, but there I was. I won’t bore you with the hand history – suffice it to say that I played much too loose. I was on a freeroll because I won quite a bit this week. My hand selection was horrible. Here is an example of one hand with an odd outcome:

I’m dealt 3 4 of hearts and called a raise in a multiway pot.

Flop gives me a gut shot and 4 to the flush, I call one bet from the early raiser.

Turn is nothing, but I call yet again.

River pairs my four. Yuck. Something told me I had the best hand, so I bet. Early raiser raises, and I call.

He shows his AK and I drag a big pot with a pair of 4’s with a 3 kicker. The table goes nuts.

The real question is, what was I doing calling preflop? That’s almost justifiable, but how does that explain the flop and turn call? Trust me, I did not have the pot odds at the turn. Even if I got there, it was likely someone had a better flush, which reduced my outs.

The river call makes sense, but still. All I can figure is that I was playing too loose because $6/12 was “beneath me.” I had no reason to tilt – I was playing well. The “lower limit” explanation is the only one that makes sense. I guess I’ve come quite a ways from tilting at the $3/6 tables.

Can $400/800 be far behind?

Final thought: Please scroll down and re-read my post called Breaking News!! I’ve re-edited it, and I hope to have some goodies to share soon.


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Seattlejohn said...

I talk about this all the time in my blog. Once you play at a higher limit game it is really hard to step down and play good poker. You said it yourself just playing 8/16. Just take a few zeros off and Dan is just like us. He just has a way bigger bankroll. Same concept applies. We all just wish we could just kick around for fun in a $400/800 game. SJ