Thursday, March 30, 2006

F___in’ Mariners

30 MAR 06

So, last night there is a palpable buzz at the Muckleshoot. I’m not entirely certain what’s causing it until Tiffany comes up and says, “Dr. Chako - you are sitting in the big game.”

Huh? I thought you just called me for 4/8.

I did, she replies, but you are sitting at the table with Bret Boone and Mike Blowers.

Sweet. Idiots with cash.

Someone at the table actually asked them, “What are you guys doing in the white chip game?” I’ll tell you the answer. They came to crush my win streak with the stupidest suckout fest you ever saw. And I don’t mean that sarcastically. They didn’t care about playing good poker. In fact, they sucked. They came for the thrill of winning with 2 5 off-suit in a multiway hand that was CAPPED pre-flop.

Unfortunately, my pocket Aces, 10’s and Kings fell victim to this nonsense.

When I calm down, I’ll tell you more about why I hate baseball (and it has nothing to do with last night).

Final thought: Just two more days until “Become Your Favorite Blogger” Day.

Editors Note: After exhaustive research (okay, I went to, I found out that Boone has been traded to the Mets and is taking a pay cut from $9 million to $1 million, and Blowers last played in 1999. I am working up the ability to feel sorry for them. I'll let you know if anything comes of it.


Heavy Critters said...

I thought Boone retired a couple of weeks ago. The motherf&#^ hit .170 when he had his cup of coffee with the Twins...

The dude sucked. Which may explain all of the suckouts he put on you.

Unknown said...

I was gonna say, wear a Twins cap the next time you play at his table.

Tilted idiots pay off with anything.