Friday, March 10, 2006

Drive By Shooter

10 MAR 06

I’ve become a drive-by shooter. This is a term I’ve heard used at the blackjack table. You get a good table where everyone is playing well. The dealer keeps busting and the last person to act understands when to hit and when to stay.

Then along comes Mr. Drive-By with his $25 chip and walks up to the lone empty seat. Often times, he stands behind it and flips the chip into the open circle. The cards come out all 10’s except for Mr. DB who gets an Ace. The second cards are all 5’s and 6’s except for Mr. DB who hits the Jack. Dealer flips a Queen, checks for the green light and pays Mr. DB who collects $37.50 and waits to see everyone else bust before walking away. Now the table is on tilt, and you are guaranteed to lose the next 4 hands in a row – usually when the dealer goes runner, runner 21.

I’ve been doing the same at poker. There is often a 10/20 seat open right when I get home from work, but I only have 1-2 hours to play before I have to leave. This usually means I have to play more aggressively if I hope to win anything. Yesterday was no exception.

After re-reading the great post (linked from Iggy) by Abdul Jalib regarding pre-flop play, I really opened my starting hand requirements. I won some big pots early. Someone finally called me down to the river on an ugly hand. I had K5 of diamonds and raised in middle position. To be fair, I didn’t get this from Jalib – this was just me being overly aggressive. The flop is 2 diamonds. I bet and get raised by an AM*. The button calls the raise and so do I saying, “Black card, dealer!” The turn is a 3rd diamond, so I bet my flush, but I do it angrily. Call. Call. River is blank. Bet. Call. Call. I drag the pot.

Chuck (and old rock I’ve blogged about before) starts going on and on about me raising with K5 soooted. It was beautiful. I played like a rock after that and got paid very well. Bottom line: 45 minutes - $170 profit. It would have been better but the AM called to the river against my pocket kings. He called my early raise with 63 and flopped the 3 and rivered the 6. Oh well. I want him making that call every time.

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Thanks for the responses to my dilemma yesterday. That was one of those posts I put up from time to time that are really intended for me. Writing helps me solidify or resolve issues that bug me. Your comments (both posted and not posted) helped.

Time to go eat some lunch, courtesy of Drizz.

*AM – Asian Maniac

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