Monday, March 20, 2006

Who Knew?

20 MAR 06

As I’ve mentioned before, I blog for me. The fact that anyone else reads this stuff is cool, but it’s really secondary. That being said, I always check for comments, so I guess I care a little. I love getting comments from other bloggers, and friends and family will occasionally stop by. Rarely do I get a comment from someone outside the blogsphere.

Until Friday.

A while back, I wrote this post about a commentary on NPR called This I Believe. The NPR story was great, and if it’s still on the NPR website, you should give it a listen. Here is a portion of what I wrote about it:

I have heard this Mozart Sonata done by numerous masters. It’s one of my favorites. Ms. Rusnov is not an expert. Her timing is off and she clearly displays her amateur status here. Yet, why did I find myself crying? Go listen for yourself. It’s pure beauty.

And then, out of the blue, I get this reply in the comments section of the blog:

Hi, this is Mel Rusnov, the writer of the This I Believe essay you mentioned. Yep, I'm an amateur pianist and I butchered that beautiful Mozart Sonata--your keen ear for music sure picked that up! But, your comments on the message in the essay and the way it made you feel were lovely and generous. Many thanks!

I’m speechless. Mel, if you come by here again, please know that your comment made my day. Hell, it made my whole week. So did your essay.


Anonymous said...

What a special moment. I'm very happy for you. :)

iamhoff said...

Very cool, Doc. Definitely the right attitude. Blog for yourself...that way you'll always be satisfied. Seeing that others read what you write and become interested or invested enough to actually leave a comment is just the icing on the cake. Keep blogging and we'll keep reading!