Monday, August 28, 2006

Managing Expectations

Editors Note: I wrote this on Saturday, but Blogger wouldn't let me post it (even after, like 10 attempts). I since had a nice turn around, which I'll post about tomorrow.

26 AUG 06

Blogging on a Saturday. I just had to get this out while it’s fresh.

My experiment had a little set back last night. In fact, I’m amazed I still have any money left. As a way of highlighting what happened (in a not-so-cleverly-disguised bad beat story), my trips ran into full houses three times in two hours. All to the same guy.

This is reminiscent of the quad story when I first started playing 10/20.

In this case, the dude limped all three times. I flopped trips each time and he either turned or rivered his small pocket pairs. That’s right. He stayed in on boards with all face cards when he held pocket 2s, 5s and 6s.

You expect to lose money in these situations, but I KNOW I lost more than necessary because of tilt. In fact, there were at least 5 big bets that I didn’t need to make. $100 down the drain unnecessarily.

Why did this happen? I didn’t manage my expectations. I woke up this morning singing the Kenny Rogers line, “every hand’s a winner,” You know the rest.

If I went in expecting to lose a few big hands, maybe I’d be able to see more clearly. No one DESERVES to win just because they have a made hand.

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