Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Money at 4/8?

30 AUG 06

This is something I spoke with Seattle John about. He insists there is money to be made at 4/8. The more I play, the more I disagree. I play 4/8 only because it’s something to do while waiting for a 10/20 or 20/40 seat, and I get to work on my reading skills cheaply. I never go into it believing I’m going to be profitable. I also never (well, almost never) allow myself to lose more than $100 at this level.

Last night, I get a seat at 4/8. I regular 10/20 player sits across from me. She has the distinction of being more aggressive than me (?) and she’s about my skill level, perhaps even better. I’ve seen her make some great calls and great reads, especially against me.

That’s when the drunks showed up.

All four of them sat in a row in seats 4 through 7. They were clearly together and having a ball. I looked over at Karen (Kathy? Erin?) in the 3 seat and pretended to wipe drool off my chin. We both started cracking up.

I went on a rush that included a great read (calling with bottom pair and a missed draw into an aggressive bettor to my left) and a huge pot when I flopped a set of kings to someone who flopped AK. That pot was capped 6 ways preflop.

I took my $300 profit over to 10/20 where the table was especially bad, but I figured, what the heck. More of the same nonsense (7 way flops more often than not), and I find myself back below $100 when I look down at pocket kings. I get felted on the turn and one of the idiots bets into me. I said a bad word (evoking a horrible look from one of my favorite dealers), yet was quite pleased when my over pair beat his overpair.

Two hands later, I have my $300+ profit back, and I hit the door running.

The experiment continues…

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