Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Two Tournaments

29 AUG 06

And two wins.

Well, technically it was a first and second place. It should have been two first places, but my opponent in the second tournament called for all of her chips with overcards when I had a pair, and she hit. Please make that call every time!!

I’m finally getting around to watching older episodes from season two of High Stakes Poker on GSN (DVR is way cool). Last night I watched the sick hand between Gus Hansen and Daniel Negreanu where they both flopped sets and Gus turned the quads (which also gave Daniel the full house). Gus betting into Daniel with the made quads was unbelievable. No one on the planet keeps their money in that situation.

Doyle Brunson made a Level 12 move earlier in that same game that most people missed. On a paired board he makes what looks like a continuation bet, but in effect he was deliberately pricing his opponent into calling for the flush draw. This move should be highly suspicious, but only to an expert player. It says, “Please draw to the flush, because I already have the full house and I dearly hope you hit.” It was level 12 because Doyle didn’t have the full house. He just bet it like he did. It would never work against, say, the moron who called off her chips with overcards (see above).

Well, I was impressed. Maybe I’m giving Doyle too much credit?


PS. I might be begging for a Vegas trip during the week of October 15th. There is a big radiology meeting on High Clinical Field MRI. Anyone gonna be there?

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John G. Hartness said...

I get into Vegas that Wednesday, and will be there for a conference through Sunday the 22nd. Would love to meet up and sling some cards.